The best place for information about mental health in the film industry

Here at Exposures Festival, we aim to raise awareness about mental health issues that are being discussed in the film industry.

Exposures Festival are a team of mental health advocates that provides consultation and counselling to the filmmaking community.

We work with individual filmmakers, film teams, and organisations to explore and challenge our vulnerabilities, as well as our concerns about practitioners’ and film contributors’ mental health and wellbeing, and unhealthy working patterns that may be preventing us or our projects from reaching their full potential. We collaborate in a variety of methods while being open-minded and adaptable to your requirements.

While mental health is an issue that can impact anyone regardless of their industry sector, we wanted to raise awareness of the mental health issues that are common amongst those who work in film, TV and other media-related roles.

By erasing the stigma between people asking for help, we hope that more individuals within the industry are engaging in an industry-wide conversation that influences positive change amongst employees.

Just because you are suffering, it does not mean you have to suffer. There is help available for everyone. The most important thing you can do for yourself is admitting your problems can be helped.

Exposures Festival promotes better mental health in the film business by offering specialised psychological treatments to filmmakers.

We were born out of an unstated need in the business to address our collective mental health and effect positive change.

We work with clients all over the world, and the majority of our business is done online.

As we Talk, Listen, Learn, and Act, we are evolving in direct response to the needs of the community.